SAP Advance Controlling -Project Oriented

Basic Settings for Controlling Define Controlling Area
Define Number Ranges
Maintain Planning Versions
Cost Element Accounting Creation of Primary cost element from FI
Creation of Primary cost element from CO
Display Cost Element Master Records
Change Cost Element Master Record
Primary Cost Element Categories
Secondary Cost Element Categories
Creation of Cost Element Group
Default Account Assignment
Creation of Activity Type
Grouping of Activities
Creation of SKF
Grouping of SKF
Cost Centre Accounting Defining Standard Hierarchy
Creation of Cost Centre & cost Centre Group
Display/Change Cost Centre Master
Posting to Cost Centre
Reposting of CO Line Items
Repost of Costs
Planning of Cost Centres
Activity Dependent Planning
Activity Independent Planning
Activity Output Planning
Overhead calculation
Secondary cost element master record
Cost Centre Report

Period End closing activity-Cost Centre Accounting

Assessment of Overhead
Distribution of Overhead
Periodic Reposting
Direct Activity Allocation
Indirect Activity Allocation
Product Cost Controlling Introduction Introduction Cost Controlling
Product Cost Planning
Cost Object Controlling with Make to Stock Scenario
Master Data Review for Product Costing Cost Element
Cost Centre
Activity Types
Purchasing info Record
Preliminary Cost Estimate Production Order Control for Product Cost by Order
Sales Order Costing for Product Cost by Sales Order
Product Cost Collector control for Product Cost by Period
Display Planned Cost
Product Planning Cost Centre Planning
Activity planning
Maintain Distribution & Assessment Cycle
Distribution & Assessment Execute Plan
Activity Rate
Costing Variant
Cost Estimate including Execute Calculation, Create Material and Mark & Release Standard
Analyze Costing
Price Update
Mixed Costing
Reporting in Product Costing Planning Summarized Analysis
Detailed Reports
PP-PI Make to stock cost object controlling Product Cost by Order-Make to Stock Value Flow
Process Order
Month End Activities with Variance result
Overhead Calculation
WIP Calculation
Variance Calculation
Costing Sheets, Cost Components Overhead, Calculation Base, Overhead Rate, Credit Key
Cost Component Terms, Cost Components, Cost component Groups
Costing Variant Components Define Costing Variant, Costing Type, Valuation Variant, Date Control, Quantity structure control
COPA Introduction to Profitability Analysis
Data Flow in Profitability Analysis
Maintaining the operating concern
Assignment of controlling area to operating concern
Activating the profitability Analysis
Define no range for actual posting
Mapping of SD condition types to COPA value fields
Maintain Characteristics
Maintain Value Fields
Define Profitability Segment Characteristics
Maintain Characteristics Value
Define characteristics Derivation
Define & Assign Valuation Strategy
Define Keys for Accessing material cost estimate
Assign costing keys to any characteristics
Assign Value Fields
Define no range for planning Data
Maintain Version
Assign Quantity Field
Define PA Transfer structure
Direct posting from FI/MM
Value flow from Cost Centre to COPA
Value flow from Cost Centre to COPA
Value flow from Internal Order to COPA
Value flow from Production Order to COPA
COPA Summarization
COPA Realignment
COPA Derivative Rules
COPA Valuation Strategy
Creation of Forms
Creation of Reports
Execute the reports
Internal Order Use of Internal Order Type
Settlement Profile
Planning profile
Budget Profile
Tolerance for Budgeting and availability control
Order Types
Real Order & Stastical Order
Creation of Secondary Cost Elements for Internal & External Settlement
Planning for Internal Orders
Preparing Budget
FI Posting
Internal Order Report
Internal Order to AUC settlement
AUC to Asset settlement
AUC Capitalization through Vendor Advance
Settlement of Real Order to Cost Centre
Profit Centre Accounting Basic settings for Profit Centre accounting
Creation of Profit Centres
Maintenance of control parameters for actual postings
Maintaining planning versions for profit centres
Maintaining the no range for profit centre documents
Creation of Profit Centre Master
Display/Change Profit Centre
Revenue Cost Element
Automatic Assignment Revenue cost elements
Assignment of Profit centre in cost centre
Creation of account groups in profit centre planning
Planning for P/L Items
Planning for Balance sheet items
FI posting to Profit Centre
Variance Report & Analysis
Derivation Rules creation for revenue element
Derivation rules creation for Balance sheet accounts
MM Configuration & Integration Organization Structure for MM
Configuration for MM
Integration configuration with FI
MM End User Activity
View FI document from MM
SD Configuration & Integration Organization Structure for SD
Configuration for SD
SD End User Activity
Integration configuration with FI
View FI document from SD

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